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  1. GadorX Update #1 [UPDATE DATE] 2019-07-08 [GLOBAL DESCRIPTION] Players are able to claim gift codes in game for various rewards. [DETAILED DESCRIPTION] -The command ::giftcode (gift code to redeem) -> that command is used to claim a gift code in game -Gift codes can be found either on discord in update posts, randomly in some channels given by staffs, found in update posts on the forum, given in game by staff members and some are even... *wink* *wink* easter eggs (hidden gift codes). Basically, you can find gift codes anywhere and can redeem them by using the command shown above. -Gift codes have a limited usage (only a certain amount of people can redeem each gift code). So for example, if we had a gift code called "test", the staff that created the gift code could decide how many players can redeem it. So let's say only 50 players could redeem that gift code until it expired. -Gift codes can only be redeemed once per player -If you've read this far, you can use the gift code "kewlgift" for a nice little surprise [MEDIAS] [MENTIONS] @Member @ Donator @ Super Donator @ Extreme Donator @ VIP @ Sponsor [FINAL NOTE] I hope that you guys will enjoy this small piece of content added to the server and obviously enjoy those free items. -Sam
  2. Basically, for now, until all the ranks are created, moderators and administrators are able to mention certain ranks. The rank that has been mentioned will receive a notification, just like discord. Here is a quick example: @ Administrator @ Owner @ Moderator All members, moderators and administrators will now receive a notification for this post 🙂
  3. The format of the update posts will get better with time. This is only to keep track of all the updates that have been made to the forum. So this thread will be quick and simple. This is a list of things that have been added to our forum. Here it is: -Popular contributors in the sidebar -Topics feed in the sidebar -Upcoming server, discord and forum events (calendar) in the sidebar -Forum statistics in the sidebar -"Who is online" feature at the bottom of the forum -Group indicators below the "who is online" feature (will show all the ranks) -Member statistics at the bottom of the forum -Custom guest sign-up message when browsing as a guest -Today's birthdays in the online users page -Recent status updates in the online users page -Forum leaderboard (current leaderboard, past leaders and top members) -All time most contributors in the sidebar of the leaderboard -Popular content at the bottom of the leaderboard page -All the staffs online page has been added -Option to message staff members in the staffs online page -Server event calendar for future usage -There will be a line through the users usernames that have been banned (like so : Satucre) -All the categories, etc have been created -Default theme has been changed but still has modifications to be completed That's all for the first forum update post. -Sam
  4. Alright so the main purpose of this event is first of all to test if the server events calendar is working. It is also to let people know that major updates are done and will be coming to the website/forum. -Sam
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